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          Lishui zhuoyue stationery manufacturing co., LTD. Is an export-oriented enterprise which mainly produces stationery erasers, supplemented by research and development of stationery and toy products. Stationery erasers are well known at home and abroad. The factory covers an area of 19000 ㎡, the company has hundreds of employees, including professional and technical personnel 16 people, through the efforts of the technical research and development team, has obtained four national invention patent and five patents of utility model patents, exterior design 15. In October 2018, the raw materials of antibacterial and bacteriostatic TPR and PVC eraser successfully obtained the acceptance of invention patent. All grades of rubber materials produced by PVC TPR have passed the AI MA ONAS certification of "national cultural and educational supplies quality inspection center" and the European and American en71-1, 2, 3, 9 project certification, and have been judged as qualified products by the general administration of quality inspection and the national cultural and educational supplies quality inspection center for five consecutive years. These products with no pollution, rich color, beautiful shape, set practical and intellectual development features in one, favored by domestic and foreign businessmen and students and children at home and abroad.

          In 2009, the company became a member of "national stationery standardization technical committee" and participated in the formulation of eraser industry standards. In April 2014, the Chinese culture and sports association granted our company the title of "national student stationery (eraser) demonstration production enterprise" (the only one in China) and passed the re-evaluation once in 2018. In 2018, our company was admitted as the member of China culture, education and sports products industry standard committee. The company is committed to research and development of new products, according to the market demand to personalized design, to product behind the cultural connotation, excellent quality and strong technical strength, to ensure that the products into a boutique.

          Adhere to customer satisfaction as the supreme goal, integrity management, sincerely invite all parties to cooperate with friends to create brilliant.